Ecodesign is optimizing packaging to minimize the total environmental impact of a product and its packaging. This difficult exercise requires multiple criteria and parameters to be taken into account. It applies to the entire product/packaging chain, from design to waste disposal. It implies quantitative and qualitative mesures.

Quantitative mesures, or prevention, aims to reduce the amount of materials used. The weight and volume of packaging must minimize the quantity of waste generated by the product/packaging combination while ensuring that the packaging fulfills its roles. This means minimizing the amount of packaging without increasing the risk of damage to the product, thus ensuring safety, hygiene and customer convenience.

Qualitative mesures refer to the complete design of the packaging. This means using recycled and/or recyclable materials, designing a format that optimizes transport while reducing production waste, extending the preservation of the packaged food, lowering CO2 emissions, etc. Another aspect is avoiding materials that are, for instance, potentially harmful to the product and the environment, or favouring materials that make recycling easier.