Alert system

  • Information to companies

    A company is informed when its packaging weight has not decreased  for the last 3 years.

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Benchmark and indicators

  • National packaging reduction indicator

    A national indicator has been set up, helping companies to quantify their packaging reduction actions.

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  • Packaging benchmarking

    A packaging benchmarking compares individual and sectoral data.

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  • National indicator

    A national indicator shows the trends in packaging sector.

  • Packaging scan

    The packaging scan allows you to highlight your business by seeing how far you are in the sustainability of packaging.

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CSR reporting tools

  • Packaging CSR reporting rules

    A guidance manual presenting 5 golden rules to include packaging in a company CSR strategy and sustainability report, in line with CSR reporting standards.

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  • On site diagnosis

    Packaging experts spend 2 days on site to provide companies with simple and operational recommendations for packaging reductions and potential cost savings.

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  • One day on-field consultancy

    One day on-field consultancy to check the packaging systems followed by a report with 'quick win' optimization advices.


  • Direct contact

    Direct contact between Nedvang and producers en importers.

    Contact via email Karen van de Stadt

  • Consultancy service

    Consultancy service for companies to optimise their packaging.

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Prevention plan