• Periodic newsletter and annual brochure

    Periodic newsletter with information of current interest on the prevention of packaging waste.
    Annual brochure with the evolution of the main prevention indicators.

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  • Newsletter with thematic features on prevention

    Newsletter with thematic features and examples on prevention.


  • Newsletter on prevention topics

    Newsletter for members on prevention topics.

  • Newsletters about prevention and compliance

    Producers and importers Newsletter.
    Newsletter for umbrella organizations.
    Newsletters about prevention and compliance.

  • 'Positive packaging'

    'Positive packaging' newsletter, news features on packaging optimisation.
    Released 3-4 times per year.

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  • Study on plastics recycling

    Plastics recycling reaps rewards

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    By DSD
  • LCA and other studies

    LCA studies and publications on packaging amount evolution commissionned by Eco-Emballages are available for download.

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  • Study of socioeconomic factors

    Study of socioeconomic factors related to the purchase of packaged goods.

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  • 'When is packaging excessive?'

    A study on the perception of excessive packaging.

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  • Shopping basket study

    Shopping basket study to document developpment in packaging optimization.

  • Several studies and guides

    Supply chain benchmark study on poultry, vegetable, chocolate,..
    Consumer research study to identify marketing opportunity for packaging prevention.
    Collection of various guides and reports relating to Packaging throughout Europe.on 'Guides & Reports' (website).

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  • Website on prevention

    A website summarising all services and information sources provided by Eco-Emballages.

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    The Website provides examples of best practices.
    The Website contains general information on prevention.

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    Website on prevention, with thematic files and examples of best practices.

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